Our database of experienced teak decking professional is populated by craftsmen who we have first hand experience of working on Sealine Motor Yachts are able to provide a complete teak decking service, whether you need some maintenance or repairs to a complete teak deck replacement.

Whilst we can offer a maintenance service to keep your teak decking in optimal condition sometimes you need that little bit more help. If your teak deck has missing plugs, loose planks or is cracked and worn with missing caulk we can rejuvenate your old deck, replace the caulk, fit missing or loose plugs and provide you with a sealed finish that you will proud of. If you notice a leaking it is important that remedial work is carried out as soon as possible otherwise the damage will spread and you will need to replace the entire deck. Should that happen, we can work with you to establish the best solution for your needs and for your budget.

If you would like more information on teak decking repairs, or a maintenance service for your boat then please complete our short enquiry form below and we will be in contact. All estimates are free of charge and come with no obligation.

A teak deck replacement typically include:

  • We recommend a decking plan base upon your requirements, then out team of craftsmen will template your boat for make the decking parts.
  • Strip off the original teak decking.
  • Ensure that the underlying deck is in good condition with no sign of dampness or water ingress and repair as necessary.
  • Remove existing fittings as necessary.
  • Fill old screw holes and smooth surface as necessary. Preparation is the key to ensuring we achieve a great finished product.
  • Laying of new Teak Deck and caulking as necessary, re-instate removed fittings.
  • Final finishes.